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History of Electricpoint

Electricpoint launched in 2011 and is the online home of an electrical wholesalers that has been trading on the high street for over 100 years. By building on our experience as a leading member of ANEW and our extensive knowledge of electrical goods, we’re able to offer some of the best products to both trade and the public at competitive prices.

That was our mission statement almost 5 years ago and we’ve been growing ever since. Last year we sold over 30,000 products through Electricpoint and, thanks to our personalised service, have taken on more trade accounts than ever before.

This is how we see ourselves growing: continuing to offer quality products at great prices and establishing close customer and trade account relationships. In this way, we can prove to our customers that we’re the obvious choice for an electrical wholesaler. It’s a simple, organic way of growing but it’s working well for us.