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Aico EI208WRF RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide Detector

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The Ei208WRF is a RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector that is powered by a sealed-in Lithium battery. The carbon monoxide detector has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to sense CO presence. The sensor is individually calibrated and tested in CO gas on assembly to e... Read More Info

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Aico EI208WRF RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide Detector [Ei208WRF AICO]

The Ei208WRF is a RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector that is powered by a sealed-in Lithium battery. The carbon monoxide detector has a high performance, proven electrochemical sensor to sense CO presence. The sensor is individually calibrated and tested in CO gas on assembly to ensure accuracy.

The carbon monoxide detector has RadioLINK interconnectivity which enables wireless transmission of a CO alarm condition to other RadioLINK alarms and accessories. It  has a twist on mounting base with multiple fixing points, so it can easily be secured to a ceiling or wall. The memory feature records the last CO level sensed and can be useful to check if CO has been present if the home owner or tenant has been absent from the property. An easy to use Test/Hush button allows the user to test the carbon monoxide detector. This checks all aspects of the alarm (sensor, electronics and the sounder).

Main Features

Wireless interconnection to RadioLINK

Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms and accessories

Proven Electrochemical sensor (7 year life)

Lithium battery (sealed in)

Easy to use large

Test/Hush button

Pre alarm LED gives early warning of CO Memory feature records if Carbon Monoxide (CO) has been detected

End of life indicator Loud distinctive alarm sound (85db (A) at 3 metres)

Power, alarm and fault indicator lights Kitemarked to BS EN50291-1:2010

Check out the free Smartphone app AudioLINK it encorporates the data extraction technology that is built into this alarmYou can easily analyse a fire alarm system at any time, the report displayed on the app is colour coded to indicate the urgency of any problems. Battery Life, Mains Power, Signal Strength, Number of times tested and removed, it also displays Carbon Monoxide levels (compatible with the Ei208WRF & Ei262). You can even keep a history of all the alarm systems at your home or perhaps for the ones you have fitted.

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Aico EI208WRF RadioLINK Carbon Monoxide Detector [Ei208WRF AICO]

Technical Specification

Model Ei208WRF

The CO Alarm carries the BSI Kitemark to indicate type testing to BS EN 50291-1:2010.  It is CE marked to indicate conformance to BS EN 60335-1:1994,

BS EN 50270:1999 Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives.

New generation electrochemical cell type Carbon Monoxide sensor checks CO concentration every 4 seconds. Each unit is calibrated and tested in CO gas in order to ensure accuracy.

Battery powered. Sealed in Lithium battery that will power the unit for its entire life (7 years). The amber fault light will flash three times every minute with three beeps to indicate that the unit needs replacing.

Start-up sequence - the red, amber and green LEDs will flash once. Rapid warm up time - once this very short sequence has elapsed, the alarm is in full operation.

Low and high CO level indicators as follows:

CO Level Red Light Alarm

  • <43ppm Off
  • 43-80ppm 1 flash every 2 sec Sounds after 60-90 mins
  • 80-150ppm 1 flash every sec Sounds after 10-40 mins
  • >150ppm 2 flashes every sec Sounds within 2 mins

Fault indicator - amber LED flashes twice and the alarm beeps twice every minute if a fault is detected.

Manual Test/Hush button - press and hold the Test/Hush button to test circuitry, sensor and sounder. LEDs will flash as below:

  • Normal mode - Green LED flash with normal alarm sound
  • Fault condition -  Amber LED flash. Alarm will not sound
  • End of life - Amber LED flash with beep

Pressing and releasing the Test/Hush button when the unit is sensing CO will silence the alarm for 4 minutes.  It will only silence once until the gas clears. 

At CO levels of 150ppm and above the unit cannot be silenced due to the increased danger.

Memory feature which records the last CO level sensed. If the unit has been in alarm and then ceased, the red LED will continue to flash for a 24-hour period to indicate the level of CO sensed. Pressing the test button will also show the last CO level sensed, via the rate of flash of the red LED.

For 24 hours after the alarm has ceased CO Level Sensed Red Light. As follows:


  • 43-80ppm 2 flashes every 50 sec
  • 80-150ppm 4 flashes every 50 sec
  • >150ppm 8 flashes every 50 sec

Built in sounder to give a minimum output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres.  Modulated sound output - 3 rapid pulses followed by a ½ second pause, repeated until reset.  This easily differentiates it from a typical smoke alarm.

Automatic reset of alarm test function and after an alarm state when CO gas clears.

Radio frequency (wireless) interconnection: 868 MHz band in accordance with R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC - this band has been designated for use with security products and only allows a 1% duty cycle, so continuous transmission and interference from external sources is extremely remote.

RF Range: the type of building will be the major limiting factor i.e. the number and type of walls/ceilings that the radio signal has to pass through. As a guide, 30m should be the maximum distance between any alarms in the system. 

Up to 12 units can be installed on one system. For larger systems contact our Technical Service Department for guidance.

Units are in Factory Code when received (they will all communicate with each other). They must be House-Coded to eliminate the risk of adjacent   

properties communicating with each other. After House-Coding they will only communicate with other units coded at the same time.

Supplied with integral mounting base and fixing screws. The mounting base has multiple fixing holes and the alarm is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting.

Operating temperature range: -10°C to +40°C.  15% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).

Dimensions: 120mm x 105mm x 45mm.  Weight: 180g.

5-year guarantee.

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