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New Consumer Unit Regulations Explained

From January 2015 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS7671 now incorporate Amendment No. 3




Why all the fuss?

The London Fire Brigade have recently been reportingt an increase in domestic fires involving consumer units.  This wasnt actually down to defective units but a result of the arcing on cables where the tightening of terminals had not been sufficient, thus resulting in overheating of the terminals which eventually ignited the plastic enclosures.


So what does it actually mean?

Wiring Regulations now stipulate that all domestic premises must have their consumer units and switchgear enclosures manufactured from non combustible material.


What are Domestic Premises?

Houses, Bungalows High and Low Rise Flats, Apartments, Student Lets, Sheltered Accomodation Farmhouses, House Boats, Static Homes, Home Office's, attached Garages, Workshops...etc You will need to consider commercial locations such as Hostles, Bed & Breakfast Accomocdation, Guest Houses, Nursing Homes...etc


What is a Non Combustible Material?

The wiring regualtions give an example as ferrous metal or steel. Although there are other types of non combusible material no others have been used yet.


What is an Enclosure?

An enclosure means that the box, cover, door, hinges, handle and any other component for that matter that is used to maintain the integrity of the unit.


What is Associated Switchgear?

Switchgear that is used by the same fundamental application. Therefore fuse switches, garage units or Photovoltaic switchgear...etc



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