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Fuse Boxes vs. Consumer Units

Looking to replace your old fuse box, or purchase one for a new property? In fact, what you’ll need is a consumer unit.

A fuse box is the device used to control and distribute electricity throughout a building. Its key function is to split the electricity that powers your home into different paths to feed different areas of the house. It also provides the option of cutting off the electricity completely should you need to. As well as the fuses which give it its name, a fuse box also contains a mains switch and Residual Circuit Breakers (RCDs).

Fuse boxes are now gradually being replaced by consumer units. The more modern consumer unit does the same job as a fuse box, but uses MCBs (miniature circuit breakers) instead of fuses. The advantage of MCBs is that they can be re-used after tripping multiple times, unlike fuses which need to be constantly replaced. Consumer units are thus a safer and more cost-effective choice for your home.

Electricpoint has a wide range of consumer units, designed for customer and electrician alike. We are proud to stock market leaders such as Wylex, Hager and Crabtree, with our bestselling Wylex board equipped with 10 MCBs. For those looking to keep costs down without compromising on safety, we also have a selection of economy consumer units.

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