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The 160e Series

The 160e Series

The Next Step in Alarm evolution. Higher protection, easier installation, improved design and future proof technology all in one range.

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The Aico 160 Series was well known for its easi-fit bases providing you with a fast and reliable fit. With the 160e Series they have made even more improvements such as more screw holes to ease upgrading from other alarms, you can now use no.8 screws, its been fitted with larger terminals and there is now even a trunking knock out.


Improved Performance - On the Optical Smoke Alarm a new sensor chamber cuts down on false alarms by preventing dust and insects impeding the flow of smoke. The Heat Alarm now incorporates a new thermistor providing a quicker trigger for the alarm. The entire series has been bolstered with new back-up batteries they are now internally fitted with tamperproof Panasonic rechargeable lithium cells which give the units a 10 year life (they boast their has not been a single failure).


Diagram of RadioLink Compatibility

Future Proof - Aico class the 160e series as future proof,which means its fully compatible with their entire range of accessories and alarms, whether they are hard-wired or RadioLINK.


If you are tihnking of adding the 160e Series

to an exsisting system it has been made easy. Replace one alarm in the hard-wire system with a RadioLINK+ Alarm and you can just keep adding more RadioLINK alarms and accessories. This gives the range a supreme flexibility.


To make any of the 160e series wirelessly interconnect with any system all you have to do is add the Ei100MRF plug in module. It clips in and is automatically activated and ready to be "House Coded" to the rest of the system. "House Coding" means the alarms learn the unique serial numbers of all the other alarms in the system so a very secure network is established.


A self-monitoring function has been added this means the alarms frequently talk to each other, if an alarm is removed perhaps by tampering a signal is sent to trigger a warning on an Alarm interface if its been fitted. Contact us for more details.



Check out the free Smartphone app AudioLINK it encorporates the data extraction technology that is built into the latest alarms. You can easily analyse a fire alarm system at any time, the report displayed on the app is colour coded to indicate the urgency of any problems. Battery Life, Mains Power, Signal Strength, Number of times tested and removed, it also displays Carbon Monoxide levels (compatible with the Ei208WRF & Ei262). You can even keep a history of all the alarm systems at your home or perhaps for the ones you have fitted.


Please contact us for further infomation 0845 601 3338 or enquiries@electricpoint.com

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