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One of Europe's largest producers of panel heaters since 1918 is now part of the Creda Heating group, one of the biggest UK suppliers of electrical products.

Nobo pride themselves on smart, innovative design, that is both simple and practical. It's no surprise they are admired worldwide for their amazing reliability.

If you're looking for a cost effective yet elegant heating solution for your home or commercial space then we have a range of Nobo panel heaters to suit your needs.

Nobo NFC4N - A brand new edition of the Series 8 heater, Nobo suggest this is the best electric heater in it's price class.

Nobo NTE4N - Branded the 'Heater of the future' this Series 14 replacement, is compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

Nobo Series 8 Low Surface Temperature- Their cool surfaces make these popular with schools, where additional safety is key.

Don't forget you may need to purchase a heating control to go with your new Nobo heater.

If these don't fit the bill, check out our complete range of panel heaters.


If you are considering a larger order, give us a call on 0845 601 3338 or email us at info@electricpoint.com.

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