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Skypack LED Battens

Skypack LED Battens

Up to 138 Lumens Per Circuit Watt and a 10 Year Warranty*

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The JCC Skypack LED Batten has been launched.


Its Ultra Efficient and High Performing saving upto 50% on energy running costs over a traditional fluorescent batten. Incoporated into the fitting is a pateneted new unique slide and lock feature, simply mount the base and slide on the LED tray. Installation has never been easier.


JCC boast a market a leading efficiency at 136 Lumens Per Circuit Watt along with a precision LED array which provides a smooth and even light distribution. So no more striping unlike the poorer quality LED battens. *Also combined with a 10 Year Domestic Warranty and 5 Year Commercial Warranty.


Designed for for car parks garages and warehouse lighting.


The one to watch out for is the JC71702 4ft and 4000Lm its going to be a big seller. We boast a huge range of LED Battens to suit any requirement.


Please get in contact if you perhaps have a bulk enquiry or any questions you would like to ask us 0845 601 3338 or enquiries@electricpoint.com

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