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Vent Axia Opal Radiator Range (5 results)

The sleek, stylish design of the Vent Axia Opal range of Aluminium Radiators makes them ideal for new build and refurbishment, and their stylish finish will fit into any home.

The Opal comes pre set with 7 heating schedules, but don't worry if they don't suit you, 2 of them are for you to program yourself. With it's fast acting, accurate temperature controls, you can minimise heat loss from your home and reduce your energy consumption. And as it is now available in 5 different sizes, the Vent-Axia Opal really does work for all your needs.

So don't hesitate, choose one of our Opal range today and make sure your home is kitted out for the cold!

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Model No. Height Depth Width Weight Output
VAAR500 584mm 96mm 460mm 11kg 500W
VAAR750 584mm
620mm 15kg 750W
VAAR1000 584mm
780mm 19kg 1000W
VAAR1250 584mm
940mm 23kg 1250W
VAAR1500 584mm 96mm 1100mm 27kg 1500W

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