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Creda Nobo Orion Radio Cotrolled System (1 results)

The Orion EC700 is a programmable multi-zone time switch that utilises radio signals to switch specific heating appliances.


Heating zones can be labelled by naming them in the wall mounted programmer. You can then set the zone to run on a 7 Day Monday to Sunday Programme, each day is then broken into 48 half hourly periods which allows them to be set as either on or off. The unit also features an Individual or group Override facility for Holidays and a Frost protection setting. The EC 700 unit is able to send radio frequency signals to all the heating appliances, which are then switched between Comfort mode or Economy mode. Each heating appliance receiver has its own individual name (code) which must be assigned to the zone. The heater receiver then receives specific programme instructions from the EC 700 for that particular zone. A zone may have as many receiver names assigned to it as is required, from 1 to over 200 where necessary. 

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