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Multizone Wall Mounted Control via Mains Cable

Multizone Wall Mounted Control via Mains Cable

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The RXMBS4 is a Wall Mounted Programmer for Muliple Zones. It provides a complete heating system with fully flexible four zone, 7 Day individual configured time control.


Compatible with the Dimplex Monterey , Girona , Saletto ,  EPX , RPX , Apollo and DuoHeat Ranges.


Ideally suited to a large residential or domestic environment providing 7 day control over four zones.


All slave heaters must be fitted with reciever cassettes the RX9913 these are then linked by Mains Borne Signalling  to the main control panel.


Mains borne signalling (MBS) uses the standard twin and earth wiring in the domestic supply circuit to carry a modulated signal between each heater. A receiver cassette is required in each slave heater to decode the signal. Unique electronic identity codes in each programmer prevent interference with receivers in different zones/buildings and negate the need for additional mains filtering



  • 240 Volt Mains Powered Wall Mounted Control Panel
  • The installer is able to setup the system with the option of switching between Comfort, Setback Modes and
  • Up to 7 Customised Programmes for every day of the week switching the heaters between Comfort and then Setback Modes, Frost Protection and Off
  • Manual Override Feature to Comfort, Frost Protection anbd Off Modes (off mode not applicable to the DuoHeat Range)
  • Time Absence Mode or Holiday Setting
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to Programme
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