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Plug in Single Heater 7 Day Timer

Plug in Single Heater 7 Day Timer

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The RXPW1 is a plug in cassette or Module that simply clips in to the top of the panel heater. It is a programmable module that provides 7 Day digital time control over an individual heater or up to 10 slave panel heaters by means of a Pilot Wire.


Compatible with the Dimplex Monterey , Girona , Saletto and EPX Ranges.


Ideally suited to domestic environment providing 7 day control over one room, perhaps ideally suited to a hallway or bedroom. Or a commercial environment perhaps an office. A large room that requires a number of panel heaters that are switched simultaneousely, the program can then switch the heaters off on a Saturday and Sunday.



  • 7 Day, Single Zone Programming
  • Pilot Wire Option for up to 10 Slave Panel Heaters
  • Four Programmable Time Periods for Weekdays and Weekends which switch the heater between On and Off
  • Manual Override Feature for Cold Periods
  • One Timer per Panel Heater
  • The Module is removable to Provide easy programming
  • LCD Backlit display for easy viewing with power saving mode
  • Backup battery saves your programming for 12 Hours in case of power failure
  • Easy User friendly programming guide displayed on the rear of the removable Module
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