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Plug in Single Heater Set Period Timer

Plug in Single Heater Set Period Timer

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The RXRBTI in White or RXRBTIB in Black is a plug in Cassette or Module that simply clips in to the top of the panel heater. It is essentially an over run timer that allows the heater to operate for a set period when activated. The installer will set the running period on installation, there is then an option to lock the timer preventing any tampering with the time settings.


Compatible with the Dimplex Monterey , Girona , Saletto and EPX Ranges.


Ideally suited to a communal area with varied use, perhaps a school or youth hostel environment where it is essential the controls are tamperproof.



  • Adjustable running time between 30 minutes to 4 Hours in Increments of 30 minutes
  • Heater easily activated when ever required by the push of a button
  • One Timer per Panel Heater
  • Time Settings can be locked on Installation
  • Neon Indicator indicates the status of the panel heater.
  • Available in Black or White
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