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Plug in 7 Day Multiple Heater Control via Pilot Wire (1 results)

Compatible with the Dimplex RPX and Apollo Ranges


The RX9911 is a plug in cassette or Module that simply clips in to the top of the panel heater. It is a programmable module that provides 7 Day digital time control over an individual heater or up to 10 slave panel heaters by means of a Pilot Wire.


Pilot wire connection Pilot wire installations utilise an additional control wire linked between each heater. This is a 240V live conductor, carrying a low current signal to activate the various modes on the heater electronic control. This system is ideal for new build applications as the pilot wire can be installed with the first fix wiring. As heaters require no additional receivers, this offers a cost-effective means of central control.


Ideally suited to domestic environment providing 7 day control over one room, perhaps ideally suited to a hallway or bedroom. Or a commercial environment perhaps an office. A large room that requires a number of panel heaters that are switched simultaneously, the program can then switch the heaters off on a Saturday and Sunday.


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