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Panel Heaters

Different heaters are built for different purposes so we keep a wide selection of styles and sizes in stock to suit your need. Choose from our range of Vent Axia, Nobo and Dimplex panel heaters.

Panel heaters are an elegant solution to problems many of us face in the winter. We need some extra heat but we're strapped for space. We offer slimline panel heaters that fit snugly against a wall and they're also intelligent enough to come on exactly when you need them.

The Dimplex range includes:


Model Features
Monterey One of our most popular ranges with high energy efficiency and a stylish finned metal design.
Girona High temperature accuracy with an elegant glass front finish.
EPX With a neutral, willow white finish, the EPX is one of our most popular ranges of panel heater
Nobo Includes the C4N range and low surface temperature heaters popular with schools and hospitals.
Saletto These convector panel heaters are ideal where wall height is an issue.
PLX High temperature accuracy and a look similar to the storage heaters.
Vent Axia Range from .75kw to 2kw in the VAPH models.

We welcome bulk order enquiries, please call us on 0845 601 3338 or email us at info@electricpoint.com.