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Dimplex EPX Panel Heaters (6 results)

Dimplex EPX panel heaters are perfect for residential or light commercial use.The benefits of these include virtually silent operation, frost protection setting and stylish white finish which will easily be matched in most environments. The EPX heaters offer high levels of control with a very accurate thermostat. They are available from 500W up to 2kW. Our most popular Dimplex panel heaters in this range are the EPX1000 and the EPX2000 - why not give one of them a try? 

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EPX panel heaters come with adjustable thermostats controlled by a lockable slide although additional control options are available using Dimplex's plug in digital control modules. The RX24TI is the most commonly used control module, a 24 hour plug-in module that slots into the top of the panel heater, other control options include RXPW1- 7 day plug in controller, RX9913, mains borne signalling receiver and the RXMBS4 a wall mounted control unit.


Electricpoint can supply single items to households are can supply EPX heaters in bulk/wholesale amounts. Give us a call on 0845 601 3338 or email us at info@electricpoint.com for a quote.

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Model No. Loading Height Width (A) Depth X Weight
EPX500 0.5kW 430mm 450mm 108mm 117mm 5.2kg
EPX750 0.75kW 430mm 620mm 108mm 287mm 6.6kg
EPX1000 1kW 430mm 620mm 108mm 117mm 6.6kg
EPX1250 1.25kW 430mm 690mm 108mm 355mm 7.1kg
EPX1500 1.5kW 430mm 690mm 108mm 355mm 7.1kg
EPX2000 2kW 430mm 860mm 108mm 527mm 8.5kg

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