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Dimplex Girona Panel Heaters

Dimplex Girona Panel Heaters

These very stylish glass fronted heaters are quick to warm up and their splashproof rating of IPX4 means they're comfortable anywhere in the home or office.

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Our range of Dimplex Girona panel heaters have excellent control with their thermostats accurate to +/- 0.3ºC. They are also compatible with a range of plug-in electronic timer modules.

The Girona panel heaters are known for their elegant glass front finish. Their style and almost noiseless operation make them ideal for domestic use.

These panel heaters also wall mount easily on a detachable hinge. This makes installation fast and cleaning simple. The panels are also splash proof so you can use them in bathrooms or wet areas.

We sell to consumers and tradesmen everyday. So give us a call on 0845 601 3338 or send an email to info@electricpoint.com.

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Loading Height Width (A) Depth (B) X X1 Weight
GFP050W GFP050B 0.5kW 565mm 530mm 107mm 390mm 168.5mm 13kg
GFP075W GFP075B 0.75kW 565mm 530mm 107mm 390mm 168.5mm 13kg
GFP100W GFP100B 1.0kW 565mm 700mm 107mm 560mm 338.5mm 16.5kg
GFP150W GFP150B 1.5kW 565mm 770mm 107mm 630mm 408.5mm 20kg
GFP200W GFP200B 2.0kW 565mm 940mm 107mm 800mm 578.5mm 26kg

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