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Dimplex RPX Range (1 results)

The Dimplex RPX range offer a sleek, wall mounted radiator with a highly accurate thermostat, that would work well in any home.

They are incredibly easy to install and control, yet the Dimplex RPX have a high degree of accuracy. In fact room temperature is controlled to an accuracy of +/- 0.1ºC, resulting in better energy efficiency and comfort for you. So it's saving you money while keeping you warm!

We have 4 different options available depending on your needs, so choose the option from the Dimplex RPX range that best suits you, and order today.

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Model No. Height Depth Width Weight
RPX075N 440mm 110mm 515mm 4.3kg
RPX100N 440mm
620mm 5.3kg
RPX150N 440mm
830mm 7.2kg
RPX200N 440mm
1040mm 9.0kg

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