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Nobo NFC4N Panel Heaters

Nobo NFC4N Panel Heaters

Nobo Panel Heaters Attractive Norweigan Design and Smartphone Controlled over WIFI

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Nobo NFC4N panel heaters replace Nobo's best selling Series 8 Range of Panel Heaters and can now be smartphone controlled over WIFI. A very simple but elegant heater it certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to style efficiency and looks. The front grille permits a forward flow effect that helps disperse heat evenly in the room.


-Very easy to use.
-Easily readable and accessable control module fits on top of the panel heater
-Extensive range of panel heater outputs from 500W to 2kW
-Virtually silent operation         
-Extremely shallow depth, attractive low profile                                          
-Tamperproof capability.                                                  
-Complete range of custom designed thermostat control modules
-Finish- Pure white
-Total Depth: 90mm once fitted to a wall
-Standby power less than 0.5Watt
-Voltage: 230-240 Volt
-2 Year Guarantee


A control module is required to operate the Nobo NFC4N panel heaters, plug In Module Control options:



    Heater Control Remote Control Smartphone Control


    7 Day Digital Programmer           Yes with the EC 700          
    Yes with Nobo Hub


    Adjustable thermostat Yes with the EC 700 Yes with Nobo Hub


    7 Day Digital Programmer          No         No


    Adjustable thermostat          No         No

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