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Dimplex Quantum Heaters (5 results)

The Dimplex Quantum Energy System is fast becoming one of the most talked about heating systems around. It is available today and will change the way homes are heated in the UK. With designer looks and economy, the system will look great in the home without breaking the bank. Quantums heaters are in stock now; we recommend ordering as soon as possible to avoid the winter rush!



Dimplex Quantum Energy Systems uses off-peak energy tariffs to keep running costs as low as possible. It's estimated that 90% of a rooms heating requirements can be met by off-peak energy.


These things are as clever as storage heaters come. They can be programmed to precisely match the user's heating profile but also come with a fan assisted output for a rapid heat-up time.


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Model No. Height Depth Width Installed Weight Output Rating Input Rating Max Storage Capacity Boost Element RatingEnergy Cell Packs Required
QM070 730mm 185mm 703mm 83kg 700W 1560W 10.9kWh 630W 6
QM100 730mm
865mm 107kg 1000W 2200W 15.4kWh 880W 8
QM125 730mm
1069mm 135kg 1250W 2760W 19.3kWh 1130W 10
QM150 730mm
1069mm 155kg 1500W 3300W 23.1kWh 1300W 12

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