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Vent Axia Optimax Plus (10 results)

These Vent-Axia Storage heaters offer the benefit of round the clock heat at low tarriff energy prices. The slim and stylish heaters offer a great solution to high energy prices.

Available in Manual, Automatic or Combination models, Vent Axia offer a storage heater to suit every home. If you need help identifying which one would best suit you, check out our breakdown below. Once you have picked the model for you, simply place an order and start saving money!

Manual- Charge consistently through low cost night tarriffs ready for use the next day.

Automatic- Contains a weather optimisation feature, which allows the storage heater to regulate heat dependant on the room conditions, potentially saving you an extra 15% in energy costs.

Combination- Offers the energy saving benefits of a storage heater, with the added bonus of a convector heater, which can be switched on at any time to provide extra heat where required.

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