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GU10 Downlights Explained

What are GU10 downlights?

From all rooms within the home to corporate offices and commercial spaces, GU10 downlights are widely used as a common light fitting. They offer a low energy alternative to halogen bulbs while still emitting high quality light. Due to their low power consumption, GU10 downlights can dramatically help reduce the cost of your electricity bills. You can choose between fire and non-fire rated downlights and they are available in warm or cool white temperatures.

What are the benefits of using GU10 downlights? They are extremely popular for all the advantages they bring when compared to standard halogen bulbs. These include:

  • Energy savings and reduced electricity bills
  • Long lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Easy to replace

GU10 LED downlight from Megaman

How often do I need to replace them? GU10 downlights have a long life expectancy and can give you many years of service. Many light manufacturers estimate 30,000 hours of average usage - approximately 30 years of service! A typical GU10 downlight consumes 5-watts of electricity compared to a whopping 50-watts of electricity from a standard halogen bulb.

Which colour temperature should I choose? While GU10 downlights can come in warm or cool white temperatures, the one you should choose is completely down to preference. The warm white temperature has yellowish hue which can give a cosy effect to a room. It’s a popular lighting style for living rooms and bedrooms. Cool white has blue-ish hue which appears brighter and is commonly found in offices, retail stores and dental surgeries.

What’s the difference between fire and non-fire rated? Fire rated GU10 downlights contain a material which when exposed to fire, will melt and act as a seal to help minimise the fire from spreading through the hole. This helps protect from structural damage, a quality that non-fire rated versions lack. While fire rated downlights may cost slightly more, they can be extremely beneficial in providing safety and peace of mind particularly within buildings or homes with wooden ceiling joists.

Where can I buy GU10 downlights? We sell them! You can buy them here. There’s many reasons to buy from us - we’re one of the largest independent electrical wholesale groups in the UK and Ireland and a leading member of ANEW, the largest electrical buying consortium in the UK. We deal with traders each day so if you have a big job that you’d like a quote for, just email us at sales@electricpoint.com.