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Vent Axia Lo Carbon IQ Range (1 results)

The Vent Axia Lo Carbon iQ fan is the latest in ventilation technology designed with both style and substance in mind.

Vent Axia aim to make your life more comfortable, and the automatic humidity control sensor of the Lo Carbon iQ will only activate when it senses moisture in the air. This prevents any wasted usage and ensures your fan is always ready to improve air quality of your home.

And that's not the only intelligent feature of the Lo Carbon iQ. The LED light feature has 3 different coloured lights to reflect the current fan setting, so you have a visual indicator of its performance.

So if it's a smart and silent fan you are looking for, then look no further. The Vent Axia Lo Carbon iQ has all you need to ensure your bathroom stays moisture-free.

For more information or to place a bulk order please call 0845 601 338.

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