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How to Choose an Air Conditioner

Welcome to our Air Conditioner Guide. On this page you'll find everything you need to help you choose the air conditioner that's right for you.

To find the right size unit, just make sure you know the size of the room the fan is intended for. We've included everything in both metric and imperial units to suit your preference. Once you know the size of your room, click on the corresponding link in the "Recommended Minimum BTUs" category to find the fan that's right for you!

Air Conditioner Sizing Table

Room Size (in square metres)

Room Size (in square feet)

Recommended Minimum BTUs

For rooms up to 20m

For rooms up to 200ft

6000 BTUs

For rooms of 32m

For rooms of 340ft

8000 BTUs

For rooms of 42m

For rooms of 450ft

9000 BTUs

 For rooms of 50m For rooms of 550ft 12000 BTUs

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