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MK Masterseal

Specifically designed for use in extreme environments. Comes with an Ingress Protection Rating of IP66

Masterseal Plus has been designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments where hazards include dust particles and jets of water from any direction. The range has an ingress protection rating of IP66 (Note: Grid Plus Enclosures are IP56). The Masterseal Plus range is designed to create a seal around virtually any 13amp plug top, allowing the safe use of any appliance where water or dust may come into contact with your electrics.


10 Year Guarantee.

Masterseal Plus is manufactured from recycled polycarbonate , one of the most durable thermoplastics available. It will not crack, discolour or fade under UV light or when subject to extreme temperatures.


Electricpoint brings to you the entire Masterseal Plus range, with over 90 product types including switches sockets, RCD protection and even modular options using Grid and Euro Modules.


The products are designed for use in many commercial and industrial situations. Providing solutions for Warehouses, Kitchens, Laboratories, Wet Rooms, Swimming Pools and Factories to name but a few.