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MK Logic Plus

The perfect complement for modern interiors.

MK Logic Plus is a top range of switches and sockets procuded by reknown wiring experts MK Electrics.

This versatile range of wiring accessories was designed with the modern home in mind. Rated amongst the most advanced and safest products available in the market, MK Logic Plus devices exceed British Standard requirements and offer uparallelled quality and reliability.

Whether you're building a new home or just giving your place an update, this poplular MK range offers a wide selection of electric solutions including socket outlets, plateswitches, connection units, dimmer switches, blank plates and more. The range comes in white, graphite and red - for fire alarms and fire secutity- and is backed with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

In addition to their contemporary style and its seamless integration to modern interiors, MK Logic Plus products come with a 3-pin child-friendly shutter system, which prevents those little fingers from accessing the live circuitry. Furthermore, they are made from high grade thermoset material, which is inherently antimicrobial.

The high quality materials that MK Electrics uses in their Logic Plus range and their easy and quick intallation make it an easy choice for anyone looking to upgrade their wiring accessories.

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