Aico Smoke Detectors

We are one of the largest stockists in the UK of Aico a brand synonymous with quality and the brand of choice. The market leaders in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detection, manufactured within the European Union and adhering to the very latest UK standards and regulations for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide protection. Using the very latest technology including SmartLINK or HomeLINK for remote monitoring and alert notifications these alarms are certainly future-proofed.

We stock a range of fire detection devices to ensure your home is protected. Electricpoint supplies Aico to both the public and trade for bulk and wholesale enquiries please contact us on 0203 994 5470 or email with your requirements.


  1. Why Are Ionisation Smoke Detectors Banned?

    Ionisation vs Modern Smoke Alarms

    What is wrong with Aico EI141RC Ionisation Detectors?

    Ionisation detectors contain a very small amount of a radioactive element called Americium 241 (so small it is not harmful to humans), the element causes air molecules to form a small electric current inside the chamber of the detector. During a fast flaming fire smoke particles very quickly enter the chamber and disrupt the electrical current causing the trigger to sound the alarm. Although excellent at detecting fires quickly these detectors are also unfortunately prone to causing false alarms from regular domestic activities including burnt toast. The radioactive element although not harmful to humans in the small doses used in the individual alarms causes problems during mass manufacture and disposal.

    Have Ionisation Detectors Been Banned and Where Can I Buy Them?


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  2. What is Aico HomeLINK?

    HomeLINK is a multi-award-winning high-tech software platform that uses home integration and analytics to help landlords reduce operating costs and improve resident safety. HomeLINK provides landlords and residents with a range of benefits including:

    • Insights into mould risks, causes and recommendations
    • Fuel proverty indication
    • Real time energy efficiency performance
    • Smoke and CO alarm event alerts
    • Reduced responsive repair call-outs
    • Reduced maintenance and repair costs with early intervention
    • Reduced calls and visits to customers
    • Optimised investments
    • Room for revenue growth with new services
    • Improved indoor air quality/li>
    • Energy bill savings
    • Detection of void properties

    How Does HomeLINK Work?


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  3. Which Smoke Alarm is Best for You?


    Why Do You Need a Smoke Alarm?

    A house can go up in flames in less than 4 minutes, but a smoke alarm provides that life saving first warning, allowing you to get out in time and call the fire brigade. There are approximately 590,000 house fires in the UK each year, and you are 4x more likely to survive if you have a working smoke alarm.

    What are the Different Types of Smoke Alarm and Which Rooms Should They be Installed in?

    There are three different types of smoke and heat alarms, all carefully designed for use in specific rooms in the house, and to detect

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  4. Aico SmartLINK - What You Need To Know

    Aico Smartlink - The landlords solution to tenants safety through maintenance & reporting

    The popular Aico 3000 series SmartLINK detectors have been available for a couple of years now, but Aico have now gone one step further with the release of the new Ei1000G SmartLINK gateway and online portal, reporting valuable management information from your interconnected alarms. This is great news for landlords and commercial maintenance companies, allowing data and reporting of each smoke or carbon monoxide detector to be downloaded via a mobile App, tablet or on your desktop. Aico said they listened to

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