We all need a heater to survive the cold and wet winter in the UK. The problem is that sometimes we just don’t have enough space (or £!) to have a heater in every room of our house.

Today’s post intends to solve this problem by showing some of Dimplex’s best heaters for small spaces and obviously for the best prices on the market as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Dimplex has over 70 years of experience, a portfolio with over 700 products and is the market leader for electric space heating. Quite a resume, right?!

Here are the best options from the brand for small spaces:


  1. Dimplex Contrast

The Contrast range is made up of convector heaters with a 24-hour timer incorporated on them. Although they are portable, they are also wall-mountable. The perfect option for both commercial situations and temporary accommodation.

Dimplex Contrast


Price: £55 + VAT


 2. Dimplex Studio G

One of the most elegant options in the Dimplex range, the Studio G has a 2.5k heat output and a thermostatic control, which allows you to always have your ideal room temperature.

The heater has a motorised base with remote control and also has a modern LED display with a touch control, a couple of the most modern features on the market.


Dimplex Studio G


The tower design also allows a very good portability making this a great option for either a living-room or a bedroom.

Price: £70 + VAT



 3. Dimplex Coldwatcher


Do you live in a very cold area? The Dimplex Coldwatcher is the perfect option for frost protection heating!

This is not pure sales talk. This heater has been tested (and obviously approved!) against the British standard for frost protection and it has also been considered safe for use even in wet areas.

Dimplex Coldwatcher

As well as that, the Coldwatcher has an energy saving thermostatic control, which allows you to save money every month.

Price: starting at £61 + VAT


I hope you enjoyed our list and have found the perfect Dimplex heater for your house or business.


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