Dimplex Heaters

  1. Which Dimplex Heaters are WIFI Compatible? Everything You Need to Know About Dimplex Control


    Exciting future ahead for electric heating

    The need for smart electric heating and water heating is becoming ever more present. To meet this demand, Dimplex have future proofed their heater range by releasing the ‘Dimplex Control’ App. For a number of years Dimplex Control has been rolled out to the flagship ranges, including Quantum RF storage heaters, Edel RF Water Cylinders

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  2. How to Set Up a Dimplex Quantum Heater

    how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater

    The Dimplex Quantum range is one of our most popular storage heater ranges. This guide demonstrates how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater and adjust the settings to suit your requirements manually. The latest Quantum heaters can be controlled via the Dimplex Control App when used with the Dimplex Hub. This allows you to control your heating remotely at any time, from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

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  3. Need a guide on new Lot 20 Dimplex and Creda Products?

    Confused on the new Lot 20 EcoDesign Products? Check out our product conversion guides for Dimplex and Creda.

    Still confused? Give us a call we are only to happy to help. We are fully up on the new regulations coming into force in January 2018.

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  4. What is Lot 20 and EcoDesign Compliant Controls?

    EcoDesign complaint heating controls. Technincally known as Lot 20 is one of a number of "product lots" which are part of the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive (EED 2015/1188), we have already seen similar changes to light bulbs, washing machines and televisions.

    “All local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. This includes electric radiators, electric underfloor heating and electric and gas fires.”

    Very basically this means all new heaters from 2018 will have to have built in smart EcoDesign complaint controls with features that include:

    1. 24 hour or 7 day Timer Control. This could be an integral programmer or wireless through a smartphone app with WIFI connectivity.
    2. Thermostatic Control. Accurate room temperature measurement by an electronic
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  5. Top Dimplex heaters for small spaces

    We all need a heater to survive the cold and wet winter in the UK. The problem is that sometimes we just don’t have enough space (or £!) to have a heater in every room of our house.

    Today’s post intends to solve this problem by showing some of Dimplex’s best heaters for small spaces and obviously for the best prices on the market as well.

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