Exciting future ahead for electric heating

The need for smart electric heating and water heating is becoming ever more present. To meet this demand, Dimplex have future proofed their heater range by releasing the ‘Dimplex Control’ App. The App is being rolled out to all their leading ranges including the brand-new Quantum RF storage heaters, Edel RF Water Cylinders and Quantum RF Water Cylinders

What can the new app do?

The Control App allows users to control multiple heaters and locations, adjust the temperature or heating mode, spot faults, set a timer and track your energy usage. Even better, you can control your heating while you are on holiday from your smartphone or tablet. Each heater will be connected through the Dimplex Hub and controlled by the Control App. All heaters except the Quantums will require the RF module to be connected to the App.

What about the existing heaters being sold by Dimplex?

If you have brought an existing Dimplex Series A panel heater, we have been told that the heaters (Q-Rad, Monterey, Girona, Saletto, PLXE, PLXENC and LSTE) will not be ready for use with Dimplex Control App. Dimplex are launching Series B panel heaters at the start of 2020 which will be compatible with the Dimplex Control App (note they will still require the RFM and Hub to work over WIFI). A Bluetooth software upgrade will be available with Series B heaters.  

For more information, click here: https://www.electricpoint.com/heating/electric-heating/what-is-dimplex-control.html