1. How to Set Up a Dimplex Quantum Heater

    how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater

    This guide demonstrates how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater and adjust the settings to suit your requirements manually. The latest Quantum heaters can be controlled via the Dimplex Control App when used with the Dimplex Hub. This allows you to control your heating remotely at any time, from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

    Setting Up a Dimplex Quantum Heater:

    To begin, ensure the heater is turned on at both wall switches. It’s best to keep these switches on constantly. This means that t

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  2. What is Economy 7 Tariff

    Updated 9th July 2020

    What is Economy 7

    The Economy 7 tariff, also known as the differential tariff, offers you cheaper rates of electricity for a 7 hour period at night. Depending on your provider, your access to the tariff is generally between 12-7am, but this can vary by a couple of hours either way. To get this installed you will need a specialised meter fitted, which can be tracked separately.

    Who will benefit from Economy 7?

    While this could save some people up to 47% on their energy bills, it’s not the right option for everyone and this is dependent on your lifestyle. If you run a central heating system or have electric radiators it won’t make any difference to your energy bill, as you are likely to need these running during daytime hours. However, if you have a hot water tank or have storage heaters, this is the ideal option, as they can heat up during the night using cheaper energy, ready for

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  3. What Is The Quietest Extractor Fan?

    There are many factors to consider when choosing which extractor fan is best for your bathroom including the extraction rate and type of operation. However, finding the quietest extractor fan is crucial to ensuring that you can use the fan whenever you need to. Nothing is worse than lying in a hot bath with a noisy extractor fan disrupting your opportunity to relax. Likewise, using the bathroom when people in the house are asleep can become an issue if the extractor fan is too noisy.

    The table below sets out a selection of our quietest extractor fans which are popular among customers who are looking for low noise ventilation solutions.

    Extractor Fan Range/ModelExtraction Rate (l/s)Decibels dB(A)
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  4. Redring Electric Shower Buying Guide

    Are Redring Showers Any Good?

    As part of the Glen Dimplex brand, Redring has over 50 years' experience in water heating. The trusted global brand manufacture their products in the British Isles and offer a range of reliable, innovatively designed electric showers with guarantees of two or more years. Meeting the highest safety, quality and ethical standards, Redring expertly apply their broad technical knowledge and industry experience to all of their products. 

    In this electric shower buying guide, we aim to answer a range of common questions about the purchase and use of electric showers.

    We’ll start by introducing the models in the

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  5. Which Portable Heater is Best?

    Which Portable Heater is Best?

    Portable heaters are a quick and economical way to create a comfortable temperature in rooms such as offices and workshops and other individual living spaces.

    In this guide, we will cover how different portable heaters work, what the benefits to each type of heater are and which product best suits your requirements. 

    How do oil filled radiators work?

    Oil filled radiators work by heating oil held in pipes with an electrical element, this heat is then pushed out into the room to heat the air. 

    What are the benefits o

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  6. Which is better a PIR or Microwave Sensor?


    Take control of your security with motion sensors. Microwave Sensors and PIR's are two of the leading technologies on the motion sensor market. They can help provide you with increased autonomy and security throughout your home, garden or office, whilst helping to cut down your energy bills at the same time.

    With the ever increasing popularity of motion detection technology an influx of new products have hit the market all with unique and exciting capabilities. We thought that we would give you an insight into the motion sensor market to help give you decide which products are right for you. We're really excited about motion sensor products and think that you should be too 

    How does a PIR Sensor work?

    Through detecting Infrared radiation, a PIR sensor detect

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  7. Why buy a Pod Point EV charger?

    Pod Point are UK leaders in electric vehicle charging with innovative solutions for homes and commercial workplaces. The main selling point of Pod Point is it’s intuitive App that acts as your dedicated support assistant by providing remote support, routinely checking diagnostics and letting you know when there are software updates available. We are a trusted distributor of Pod Point EV chargers and with Electricpoint’s expert knowledge and

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  8. How efficient are Rointe Electric Radiators?

    Rointe have released their new D series range of electric heaters which they believe are “the best electric radiators in the world.” We have decided to explore why the new features of the Rointe D series make these electric radiators the best on the market.


    The Rointe D series are more than just radiators, introducing wifi control, smartphone integration and packed with energy efficient technology. These are an impressive upgrade to the traditional electric heater we were used to only a few years ago. The introduction of Lot20 encouraged energy efficiency, and Rointe have really embraced this, encouraging the user to improve their energy consumption and carbon footprint.


    One of the D series key features is the smartphone integration, allowing you to take control of individual radiators,

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  9. Benefits of LED GU10 Lamps

    GU10 Bulbs

    From all rooms within the home to corporate offices and commercial spaces, GU10 lamps are widely used in common light fittings. LED GU10 bulbs provide an alternative to halogen GU10 bulbs while still maintaining a high-quality lighting solution, without damaging the environment. Due to the use of LED technology and 230V power output, GU10 lamps can dramatically help reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

    What are the benefits of using LED GU10 bulbs over traditional halogen bulbs? 

    LED GU10 lamps have risen in popularity over traditional halogen GU10 lamps because of their efficiency and reliability.

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  10. Which Smoke Alarm is Best for You?


    Why Do You Need a Smoke Alarm?

    A house can go up in flames in less than 4 minutes, but a smoke alarm provides that life saving first warning, allowing you to get out in time and call the fire brigade. There are approximately 590,000 house fires in the UK each year, and you are 4x more likely to survive if you have a working smoke alarm.

    What are the Different Types of Smoke Alarm and Which Rooms Should They be Installed in?

    There are three different types of smoke and heat alarms, all carefully designed for use in specific rooms in the house, and to detect

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