Unfortuntely Nobo electric panel heaters have now been discontinued by Dimplex who were the sole UK distributor for the popular Norwegian heating range. The Dimplex PLXE panel heater is our best selling panel heater and is the closest alternative product to the Nobo panel heaters (NTL4N and NFK4N ranges).

Dimplex PLXE Panel Heaters the Best Nobo Alternative

Dimplex PLXE heaters benefit from many of the same features as the Nobo NTL4N and NFK4N heaters and come available in all the same output options so it's easy to find a direct alternative.

We've created the table below comparing the Nobo and PLXE equivalent models to help you to choose the most appropriate panel heater for your requirements: 

Nobo Model PLXE Equivalent Output Room Size*
NFK4N05 PLX050E 500W 5m²
NFK4N07/NTL4N07 PLX075E 750W 7m²
NFK4N10/NTL4N10 PLX100E 1000W 10m²
NFK4N12/NTL4N12 PLX125E 1250W 12m²
NFK4N15/NTL4N15 PLX150E 1500W 15m²
NFK4N20/NTL4N20 PLX200E 2000W 20m²


*Room size calculations based on a living room at 21 degC, a ceiling height of 2.4M, cavity walls and one exterior wall. Please visit our electric heater room size calculator for other rooms or variations and for details about our free heating design service.

Please note that the Nobo panel heaters required the addition of the NCU2RE or NCU2R to enable them to be WiFi controllable. PLXE panel heaters require the addition of a RFM Module and a Dimplex Hub to enable WiFi controls.  If you'd like to find out more about the Dimplex Control App and range compatibility, read our handy Blog Article: What You Need to Know About Dimplex Control.

We hope the information above has been helpful, however, if you still need help please give our team of professionals a call on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at sales@electricpoint.com or use our Contact Form