Pod Point are UK leaders in electric vehicle charging with innovative solutions for homes and commercial workplaces. The main selling point of Pod Point is it’s intuitive App that acts as your dedicated support assistant by providing remote support, routinely checking diagnostics and letting you know when there are software updates available. We are a trusted distributor of Pod Point EV chargers and with Electricpoint’s expert knowledge and price promise, we will help you on your EV electric car journey.

How do I qualify and claim my £350 EV Charger OLEV grant?

Now is the time to buy a Pod Point as you can take advantage of the OLEV grant, which will save you money on the installation of your Pod Point EV charger.  

To qualify, your installer will need to adhere to the following legislation on Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Installation Form

To claim your OLEV Grant simply;

  1. Choose a registered installer
  2. Download the form
  3. Fill out and sign the customer section of the form
  4. Get your installer to fill out and sign the “third party” section of the form.
  5. Installer sends claim to OLEV for the grant
  6. Wait for your Pod Point to be installed

What is a Pod Point charging station? 

Electric vehicle charge points, or EV chargers, are specific points where you can charge your electric car. Often wall-mounted, they are installed in domestic and commercial locations. They usually get electricity straight from the mains, and come in a range of outputs, the most common being 7kW. The main difference between the domestic and commercial EV chargers is that the commercial chargers can be added to the Open Charge Network. This network allows your EV charger to be seen on the App, so people nearby can charge at your location, which can potentially increase footfall and revenue. Furthermore,  the Pod Point twin electric car charger, allows for two cars to be charged at once using 7kW of power, reducing to 3.5kW on each outlet if the charger is being used simultaneously.

How to use Pod Point chargers?

Pod Point EV Chargers are user friendly and straightforward to use. All you need is an approved installer to fit the charger and charging your electric car is as easy as charging your mobile phone- simply plug in overnight and top up during the day when needed. 

What models of EV vehicles work with Pod Point?

Our Pod Point chargers are compatible with all models of EV cars including: Tesla Model X, Tesla Model, Nissan Leaf, Jaguar i-Pace, VW e-Golf, BMW i3 and Kia Soul EV just to name a few. For a list of compatible models click here

Which Pod Point is right for you?   

Pod Point is a household name in the EV charging market, as electric cars become increasingly popular. Take a look at the table below to see what Pod Point features are right for you:

Model Number

WIFI Enabled/App Controlled

Tethered/ UnTethered


















*We stock Pod Point chargers that are both suitable for domestic and commercial installation. Commercial chargers allow your business to attract new customers .

Pod Point charging near me?

You don’t need to panic about finding a charge point again. Pod Point has 30,000 charging bays installed across the UK to give you peace of mind. If you need to plan ahead, please use Pod Point’s Charge Point Tracker

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