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MK Sentry

Stylishly Designed to Blend in with your Environment

The MK Sentry Range has been designed with flexibility in mind, there are any number of possible configurations to suit your needs. The range has recently been expanded to include a 21 module unit for larger installations and also a 4 module unit to cater for those smaller applications including extensions.



  • The range comes with a number of benefits which make them ideal for tradesmen:
  • - Supports 17th Edition Compliance Amendment 3 What is Ths?
  • - Flush Mounted Versions including Skeleton Units.
  • - Stacking Options for those much larger jobs. Dual rails with 24, 32 or even 42 possible modules.
  • - A very large selection manufactured in plastic/ insulated or metal to suit your needs.
  • - Aesthetic Design, it has a low profile and is manufactured in a magnolia colour to absorb into your environment.



Please contact us if you have any quesitons or bulk enquiries sales@electricpoint.com or call us on 0208 342 7020