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Sentry Consumer Units

A fully flexible range.

If you need a consumer unit for the home look no further than the range from reliably excellent MK Electrical. MK have been producing consumer units - an apparatus which houses a switch and circuit breakers - for many years, and are a trusted market leader. MK Sentry Consumer Units have been designed to blend neatly into their surroundings, making them a stylish as well as safe option. 

Our MK Consumer Units are available for both trade and domestic use, and we're more than happy to provide a quote for bulk orders. Just give us a ring on 0845 601 3338, or email us at info@electricpoint.com. 


Step 1: Choose the right board for your location. See below, either a Standard Board, Split load or a combination Single, Dual or Triple RCD. Allow two modules for a main switch or RCD.


Step 2: Determine the number number of circuits you have. You will need one MCB or RCBO per circuit this is the number of Ways or Modules.


Step 3: Add on your control modules, Transformers, Contactors or Timers, add the number of modules to the number of ways.


Step 4: Future proof your board, are you likely to need additional circuits in the future add these to the number of ways (Blanks).


Step 5: Add the number of Ways together. This will give you the type of board and the number of modules/ways you are looking for.


Step 6: Choose the board below....



Dont forget to order your MCB's RCD's and RCBO's or any other accessory you may need from here.