Fused Switches

Our Fused Switches are fitted with HRC Fuselinks of maximum rating but will accept fuselinks of a lower ratings. SPSM and TPSN indicate switched neutral. Neutral makes first and breaks last. Ideal for commercial use.

 Eaton range includes: 

  • Fuseswitch 160 Amp
  • Fuseswitch 200 Amp

If you need to buy in bulk, we’d be happy to provide a quote. As one of the largest electrical wholesalers we deal with traders everyday, so give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or email us sales@electricpoint.com.

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  1. Image of Eaton MEM Fuse Switch Disconnector 100A TPN Metal
  2. Image of Eaton MEM Glasgow 153GNC Fuse Switch 160A TPN
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