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Shop Redring Water Heaters and Electric Showers at the Best Prices

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The Redring range boasts a range of water heating products including water heaters, electric showers, hot water taps, hand wash units and tea boilers.


The products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, conserving both water and electrcity, making them a popular choice of product for both residential and commercial premises. 


Discover the most popular electric water heater in the range, the Redring Powerstream Instant Water Heater. With class A energy efficiency and a compact design, the unit is an ideal alternative to a hot water tank.


The Range of Redring electric showers offers a selection of energy efficient showers from 7.5kw to 10.5kw with many in the range benefitting from SmartFit for easy installation with 8 water and 6 power connection options. 


Find the Redring Reditap in our hot taps range. Providing instant hot water from existing cold water supplies, the Redring 3 in 1 Reditap also benefits from a range of safety features to prevent accidental selection of boiling water.

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