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Desk Fans (3 results)

If you're feeling the heat, but don't want to resort to air conditioning, you should consider one of our Desk Cooling Fans. 


We have fans in varying sizes depending on your need. For models that can be placed directly on to your work desk, coffee table or bedside table or in close proximity a propeller diameter of 225mm or 9" will probably be sufficient. However, there are also models with a propeller diameter of only 150mm or 6", equipped with a clip-hook, it possible to attach it to any flat edge and is even powered by USB so it can be clipped on your computer screen. For very large rooms you may want to consider our 400mm or 16" Desk Fan.


All fans our fans are equipped with a modern metal grid that will prevent contact with the rotating blades, this is especially relevant if you have small children at home. Bear in mind mesh size should be as small as possible to prevent children's fingers touching the blades.


If you have any questions regarding our products including a quote on bulk buying, then give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or drop us an email at info@electricpoint.com.

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