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Vent Axia VA100 Range (9 results)

Vent Axia is a trusted name in ventilation, and the VA100 range displays the hallmarks of the brand - durable, versatile and with a clean design. The Vent Axia VA100 range has been designed for home bathrooms and WCs.


When buying Vent Axia from Electricpoint, you can be confident that the VA100 range has met and exceeded Building Regulation (Document F) requirements of 15 l/s for domestic bathrooms with integral WCs.


The VA100 range of fans has an option to suit everyone, whether you're after humidity, timer or shutter controlled. Electricpoint are well versed in selling to both trade and public, but feel free to give us a call to discuss big orders on 0845 601 3338 or email us at info@electricpoint.com.


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