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Kitchen Extractor Fans

Extract Fans to suit all requirements. Generally more powerful units to cope with larger rooms with more air to ventilate, predominantly 6" or 150mm in Duct Size.

Cooking in the kitchen, boiling a kettle, running a washing machine or perhaps even just switching on the dishwasher?


All of these household chores have the direct effect of putting water vapour into the air. When this air comes into contact with the cold surfaces in your home it causes  Condensation which is then quickly followed by mould, that is of course unless this damp air hold is allowed to escape. Hence theimportance of a good extractor fan.


At Electripoint we stock a large number of Kitchen or Utility Room Extract fans that provide ventilation solutions.


Kitchens and Utility Rooms are generally larger than your average bathroom or toilet. this is why these extractor fans tend to be more powerful, normally 6" or 150mm in the hole diameter at the rear of the unit.


Cooker Hoods can be a good solution, alternatively please see our top selling Filterless Range of fans. You also dont want to miss the Whisper Quiet Range from Envirovent. Or for budget projects please see the Manrose XF Range.


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