Kitchen Extractor Fans

Removes water vapour and prevents mould build-up. Cooking, boiling a kettle, running a washing machine or perhaps even just switching on the dishwasher? Household chores have the direct effect of putting water vapour into the air. Condensation can quickly form into mould, which can be prevented with a efficient extractor fan.

At Electricpoint we stock a large number of Kitchen or Utility Room Extract fans from the leading brands including Vent AxiaManroseXpelairAirflow and Greenwood Fans that provide efficient  ventilation solutions. 

For a affordable but efficient solution to kitchen ventilation, take a look at our Vent Axia Basics Range. These extractor fans can be either wall or panel mounted and feature a integral backdraught shutter.

Take a look at our Extractor Fans range

If you just need some help, would like to take advantage of our Price Promise or perhaps have a large order to place. Give our team of professionals a call on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at or use our Contact Form.

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