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Commercial Radiant Heaters

Commercial Radiant Heaters

Commercial radiant heaters, a cost-effective heating solution for larger hard to heat buildings such as warehouses or churches.

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Radiant heaters provide instant heat, heating objects or people and not the air this makes them highly effective when heating large spaces or locations which are used intermittently. This makes this type of heater extremely cost efficient to run and best of all they are completely silent!


Halogen or Infrared Radiant Heaters?


Tests have proven infrared red heaters are more effective warming the skin, this means they will require less electricity to run (more effective on a lower setting). Halogen heaters use a halogen bulb this means they are brighter, the heat is more evenly dispersed and they are better at heating over larger distances. Another advantage of a halogen heater is that they are a lot more comfortable if someone have to sit near to one.


Dimplex QXDE Heaters Infrared More cost effective when heating people, not ideal to sit next too.
Dimplex CXDE Heaters Halogen Heat is evenly dispersed, better at heating over larger distances.
Vent Axia Radiant Heaters Halogen Heat is evenly dispersed, better at heating over larger distances.


Whatever your need for in a radiant heater, we will be able to supply quickly and at the best price possible. You can find products from the market leading brand Dimplex.


If you are considering a larger order, give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or email us at sales@electricpoint.com. Take advantage of The Electricpoint Price Promise and get any outdoor heater now with the best price in the market!

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