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Dimplex Ceramic Heaters

Dimplex Ceramic Heaters

Radiant infrared heaters a low energy heating solution for large buildings such as warehouses and workshops, heat without the warm glow of light.

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Dimplex CXDE ceramic infrared radiant electric heaters provide fast localised heating, reducing energy consumption costs. Ceramic radiant heaters provide all the benefits of radiant heating without the light output associated with other types of radiant heaters such as halogen.


The Dimplex CXDE range can be used inside as well as outside by using long wave infra-red no light is emitted unlike a halogen heater. The range includes highly precise electronic thermostats which allow you to pre-programme the time and date of your weekly heating schedules, cutting operating costs and providing energy efficiency. Each unit is supplied with a bluetooth remote control providing wireless control.


Ideal for indoor and outdoor social areas such as gardens, smoking areas and outdoor seating areas typically found in pubs, hotels, restaurants, gyms and hotels. Also suitable for work environments such as warehouses or workstations. Although for outdoor use the heaters will require protection becuase they are not IP rated.


• Instant heat
• Robust ceramic elements
• Fitted guard included
• No visible light output unlike halogen heaters
• Cost efficient for intermittently used locations
• Silent operation
• Matt black finish with white elements


Dimplex CXDE Range Options & Sizing

ModelOrientationElementMounted HeightHeated Area*
CXD2000VE Vertical Mount Infra-red 1.8 to 2.7M 1.9M throw, 1.4M spread (at 2.3M)
CXD2000HE Horizontal Mount Infra-red
1.8 to 2.7M 1.9M throw, 1.4M spread (at 2.3M)




*Provides a medium heat intensity of 65W per m2, typical requirement for areas of light work including workshops and desk areas.


If you have any questions or perhaps a large order call on 0203 994 5470 or email sales@electricpoint.com.


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