Vent Axia Radiant Heaters

Vent Axia Radiant Halogen heaters provide fast, direct heat up to a distance of 5m. SUNB2000BL heats an area of up to 12m², ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications including gardens, seating areas, dining areas or smoking areas throughout pubs, cafes , restaurants and bars, or throughout the home.

Featuring a low glare amber lamp, Sunburst projects a warm glow, ideal for providing warmth whilst remaining unobtrusive, helping to produce a warm, inviting atmosphere ideal for improving footfall and comfort.

IP65 Rated, Sunburst can be exposed to the elements, ideal for outdoor use. 2 year manufacturer's warranty, a lifespan of up to 5000 hours alongside no annual maintenance costs makes this range of Vent Axia Radiant Heaters fantastic for long term usage.

If you require lamp guards, need more information, have any questions or perhaps a large order to place, please call on 0203 994 5470 or email

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