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Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

These are some of the most intelligent heaters around. Dimplex Quantum Storage heaters monitor the climate and how you use the heater so they can adapt to maximise efficiency.

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With the full range of Dimplex Quantum heaters now available, these energy savers are just what you need to heat your home through a cold winter.

Dimplex Quantums just joined the interent of things revolution and can now be controlled using the Dimplex Control App from anywhere at anytime, please see the Dimplex Quantum RF version, Dimplex Hub also required.

All of our Quantum range offer an electronic interface with LCD display, aswell as temperature and 7 day timer controls; making them both user friendly and cost friendly. In fact, a Quantum heater is 27% cheaper to run than your standard storage heater system and 47% cheaper than an electric convector or radiator system!

Dimplex Quantums are also one of the few heaters deemed future proof they are already EcoDesign Lot 20 Compliant, a new European Directive coming into force in 2018.

To get the most out of your Quantum Storage Heater, make sure you are signed up to the Economy 7 tarriff. Find out more about this in our blog post.

With the Electricpoint Price Promise we can guarantee we offer the cheapest prices online for all of our Quantum heaters. Plus we're so sure of the quality of our Quantum heaters, they now also come with a 10 year warranty.

Not looking for a storage heater but still want the intelligent benefits of a Quantum? Have a look at the new QRAD Panel Heaters.

So don’t miss out on the chance to buy the most intelligent heating system we have to offer. Find out which of our Quantum Heaters best suits your needs, and order today.

Model No. Height Depth Width Installed Weight Output Rating Input Rating Max Storage Capacity Boost Element Rating
730mm 185mm 580mm 66kg 500W 1100W 8.5kWh 400W
730mm 185mm 703mm 83kg 700W 1560W 10.9kWh 630W
865mm 107kg 1000W 2200W 15.4kWh 880W
QM125 730mm
1069mm 135kg 1250W 2760W 19.3kWh 1130W
QM150 730mm
1069mm 155kg 1500W 3300W 23.1kWh 1300W

If you are considering a larger order, give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or email us at sales@electricpoint.com



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