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Storage heaters allow users to heat their home for less by taking advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity rates available on economy 7 and economy 10 tariffs. They are an economical way to heat your home and modern storage heaters have been updated to include a range of features and controls which make them even more energy efficient.

For detailed guidance on selecting the ideal storage heater to meet your needs, explore our Storage Heater FAQs.

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Buying Guide | Storage Heater FAQ’s

What is the Best Storage Heater?

How Do Storage Heaters Work?

Do I Need an Economy 7 Tariff?

Is Economy 7 Being Phased Out?

Are Storage Heaters Expensive to Run?

How Do Storage Heaters Know When to Come On?

How Do Smart Storage Heaters Work?

Should I Buy a Storage Heater?

What Size Storage Heater Do I Need?

How to Install a Storage Heater?

What are Single Supply Storage Heaters?

What is the Best Storage Heater?

We are asked this question daily and it's a difficult one to answer as it depends on budget and individual requirements.

Our best selling storage heater is the Dimplex Quantum which features the most intelligent on board controls which work based around the weather outside, has the latest smartphone connectivity and is at a great price point.

The best model to retrofit from older storage heaters (such as Dimplex XLS or Creda TSR) is the Elnur ECOSSH, this is because this is the only modern storage heater that can work on a single supply.

The best budget storage heater is the Dimplex XLE range which offers a great range of energy saving features including open window detection and adaptive start, is available in a a range of sizes and benefits from a neat, modern looking design.

The most energy efficient storage heaters are the Elnur HHR Solar Storage Heaters and the Elnur Smart Solar Storage Heaters when used with a solar energy supply. These heaters will charge from stored solar energy first and only draw from the grid if solar stores are depleted. An integrated IEM (Integral Energy Manager) automatically adjusts the charge the heater requires based on the current climate and daily user demand. 

How do Storage Heaters work?

Storage heaters use cheap off-peak electricity available overnight to generate and store heat in energy cells. The stored heat is then released into the room via an internal fan according to user programmed time schedule.

Do I Need an Economy 7 Tariff?

In order to benefit from the cost-effective heating associated with storage heaters, homeowners will need to be on an energy tariff known as Economy 7 or Economy 10 (contact your energy supplier for more details) and will need an electricity meter that can measure the use of off peak and on peak electricity.

Is Economy 7 Being Phased Out?

Off-peak tariffs are not being phased out although how they are managed may change. Many energy companies are now introducing smart meters which are compatible with economy 7 tariffs. This means that separate meters will no longer need to be installed in the homes of those on an economy 7 or economy 10 tariff.

Are Storage Heaters Expensive to Run?

With energy costs rising it is sensible to assess how you are heating your home. As storage heaters take advantage of cheap off-peak tariffs and have an array of energy saving features, they are a popular, economical home heating option. They are cheaper to run than standard electric heaters and are significantly cheaper than installing a central heating system. You can reduce costs further if your electricity is provided via solar panels

Storage heaters do not require regular maintenance and have a long life expectancy which reduces associated costs further.

The diagram below illustrates how to work out how much a storage heater costs to run per day:


Storage Heater Calculation Diagram


Check with your energy supplier to find out the difference in cost between on and off peak and discover how much you could save!

*Actual running costs for individual rooms will vary according to insulation levels, weather conditions, sizing of heater and required room temperature.

How Do Storage Heaters Know When to Come On?

Storage heaters will turn on at the time and temperature set by the user via the dials or digital controls on the heater.

Additional controls - On 1st January 2018 all new storage heaters controls were upgraded by law as part of European legislation known as Lot20, an energy saving drive. This revolutionised storage heaters which now must feature intelligent, smart controls.

These new features include:

- Digital 7 day 24 hour programmable controls for more efficient running
- Open window or door detection sensors to minimise wasted energy
- Adaptive start technology enabling a storage heater to learn and maximise efficiency when warming up a room

Standard storage heater controls include holiday mode and frost protection. For specific user instructions for the storage heaters we sell look under the specification tab in the product description box. We also have an in-depth guide which includes videos on how to set up a Dimplex Quantum heater

How Do Smart Storage Heaters Work?

Image Overlay Logo for WIFI compatible products listed on Electricpoint

Smart storage heaters have the ability to be controlled remotely via WiFi at any time from anywhere in the world by smartphone or tablet. A central hub connects the individual heaters to home WIFI via a radio frequency signal which then allows the heaters to be remotely accessed and controlled. Apps such as Dimplex Control provide users with greater control over their heating wherever they may be and provide data feedback on energy usage which is ideal if you are looking for ways to save money on your energy bills.

Should I Buy a Storage Heater?

The last energy price cap increase saw an overall energy cost increase of 43% consisting of electricity costs rising by 17% and gas costs rising by 26%. The next price cap increase due in October 2022 is predicted to increase by as much as 40%.

The increase of gas prices, combined with new electric heating technology and reduced maintenance and installation costs is prompting many households to swap their gas heating for an electric alternative.

Storage Heaters also have the following benefits over gas central heating systems:

- Cheap Electricity- Using off peak electricity saves money.
- Highly Energy Efficient - 100% of electricity used is converted into heat - boilers are only ever 90% efficient at their best
- Faster, Cheaper and Easier Installation - It is far easier and cheaper for an electrician to wire in storage heaters than it is for plumbers to take up floors, walls or ceilings to install large copper pipes.
- Low Maintenance - Unlike gas boilers, storage heaters do not require costly annual services.
- Long Lifetime Value - Storage heaters have an extremely long life expectancy in fact many manufacturers boast huge warranty periods (Dimplex have a whopping 25 year warranty on Dimplex Quantums).
- Environmentally Friendly - Heating via electricity can use energy from sustainable energy sources which is vastly better for the planet.

What Size Storage Heater Do I Need?

There are a few factors which dictate the size of the storage heater needed for a specific room size. This includes insulation quality in walls, floors and ceilings, number of external walls and the number, size and type of windows in the room.

Our heater room size guide and the table below provide a very rough guide for working out which size storage heater you will need

Output Rating Room Size
500W 4m²
700W 5m²
1000W 8m²
1250W 9m²
1500W 11m²


However, for an accurate calculation or if you require:

- A heating design for an entire property
- A room size guide for an old building with poor insulation
- A room size guide for a new build with very good insulation

We recommend you download our heating design request form once complete please email it to, we will respond with an accurate heating design within 14 working days. For multiple properties please send us the scale drawings along with any construction requirements. If you need any further help or guidance please give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or use our Contact Form.

How to Install a Storage Heater?

Storage heaters need to be hardwired in order to work correctly with an off-peak meter. Because of this it is highly recommended that your storage heaters should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Storage heaters are wall mounted for safety and their weight is supported by feet.

Heaters should be placed according to manufacturer recommendations. Guidelines for placement of storage heaters generally recommend clearance of 250mm above, 150mm either side and 300mm in front.

Storage Heater Clearance Diagram

What are Single Supply Storage Heaters?

Single supply storage heaters have one electrical circuit which is supplied from an off peak electricity tariff meter, Older storage heater models such as Dimplex XLS or Creda TSR were single supply storage heaters, Elnur have recently developed a new range of single supply storage heaters, the ideal retrofit solution for the old models and without the need for additional wiring please see the Elnur ECOSSH, ECOHHR, ECOSSHSOLAR & ECOHHRSOLAR ranges.

Note: Single supply storage heaters require a single meter please contact your energy supplier for more details.

Most other modern storage heaters require two separate electrical circuits, the first to use and benefit from off peak electricity and the second to connect to the on peak electricity. The second on peak circuit is used to  power the onboard controls and provide a heat top up during the day if required.

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