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Dimplex Saletto Panel Heaters

Dimplex Saletto Panel Heaters

Dimplex Saletto Panel Heaters with Low Profile Design Ideal for Conservatories and Large Windows.

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Dimplex LPPE Saletto panel heaters. Sleek, low profile design, the ideal electric heating solution where wall space is limited. Just 235mm high, these panel heaters are certainly slim and discreet. Combine this with their highly accurate thermostats and upgraded controls they are the perfect addition to and conservatory or rooms with limited wall space including bedrooms.


The recently upgraded Dimplex LPPE Saletto panel heaters are bursting with new features to save energy and money! Including... Adaptive start up, set your desired temperature and the time, the heater learns how long it takes to efficiently heat the room and esnures the heater is ready for the preset time using the least amount of energy Open window detection, the panel heater senses a room temperature drop, rapidly shutting off to save wasting energy. Digital controls with easy programming features amnd easy to use display.


ModelOutputDimensions(HxWxD)Dimplex App Controlled
LPP050E 500
235 x 746 x 100mm Not yet*
LPP075E 750
235 x 746 x 100mm Not yet*
LPP100E 1kW 235 x 877 x 100mm Not yet*
LPP150E 1.5kW 235 x 1142 x 100mm Not yet*


*If you have brought an existing Dimplex Series A Saletto panel heater, we have been told that the heaters will not be ready for use with Dimplex Control App. Dimplex are launching Series B panel heaters in 2020 which will be compatible with the Dimplex Control App (note they will still require the RFM and Hub to work over WIFI). A Bluetooth software upgrade will be available with Series B heaters. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page for updates.


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