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Dimplex Saletto Range

Dimplex Saletto Range

Dimplex Saletto panel heaters are low profile, but with all the power of any other Dimplex Panel Heater, making them ideal for small rooms and conservatories.

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The Dimplex Saletto LPP and the new LPPE Eco Design panel heater range are sleek, low profile and ideal for where wall space is limited. At just 235mm high, the low profile panel heaters are slim and discreet. Combine this with their accurate control and they are great additions to conservatories or small bedrooms.


New Dimplex Saletto Range: LPP050E, LPP075E, LPP100E and LPP150E


The new range of Dimplex Saletto LPPE panel heaters are bursting with new features that will save energy and money! Adaptive start technology - The new smart way of setting your room temperature. Instead of setting your heating to turn on between set times, simply set your desired temperature for the time you want. Also featuring open window sensoring - The Saletto heaters know when the room temperature drops rapidly by someone opens a window for fresh air and temporarily switches off. Easy to use 7 day digital timer.


These heaters are deemed future proof by Dimplex and after a bluetooth update which will available in early 2020, they will be compatible with the RFM module and Dimplex hub. This will allow the heaters to work with the Dimplex Control App on tablets and smartphones. Take control of your heating from anywhere and at anytime.  

Old Dimplex Saletto Range: LPP050, LPP075, LPP100 and LPP150


The LPP range has soft touch on and off controls located on the top of the panel heater along with the adjustable thermostat, whereas the LPPE range has digital controls with easy programming features. The LPP range is also fully compatible with all Dimplex standard control accessories, the RX24TI is the most commonly used control module, a 24 hour  plug-in module that slots into the top of the panel heater. Other control options include RXPW1- 7 day plug-in controller, RX9913, mains borne signalling receiver and the RXMBS4 a wall-mounted control unit.



ModelOutputDimensions(HxWxD)Dimplex App Controlled
LPP050 0.5kW 235x746x100mm No
LPP075 0.75kW 235x746x100mm No
LPP100 1kW 235x877x100mm No
LPP150 1.5kW 235x1142x100mm No
LPP050E 0.5kW 235x746x100mm Yes with RFM and Hub
LPP075E 0.75kW 235x746x100mm Yes with RFM and Hub
LPP100E 1kW 235x877x100mm Yes with RFM and Hub
LPP150E 1.5kW 235x1142x100mm Yes with RFM and Hub



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