Electric Patio Heaters

Economical outdoor electric heating for comfort on chilly evenings. Dimplex patio heaters, wall-mounted electric outdoor heaters with robust silver aluminium weatherproof IPX4 casing. Perfect for outdoor areas including gardens, seating areas, dining areas or smoking areas. Also ideal for cafes and restaurants. These patio heaters use either halogen or infrared elements (depending on the model) to create highly directional heat that warms people, not the air around them.

  • Low Running Costs: 19p per kWh
  • Minimum Mounting Height: 1.8M
  • Recommended Mounting Angle: 45 degrees
  • Output: 160W/m2
  • IP24 Rated for outdoor use

Whether you want the pub crowd to stay warm in the summer evenings or keep smokers warm on winter nights, outdoor heaters are a great solution to keep people at your venue.

ModelOutputElementHeated area at 2M height
OPH13 1.3kW Infra-red 3M spread, 1.7m throw
OPH20 2kW Halogen 3.5M spread, 2M throw

Halogen or Infrared Patio Heaters?

Tests have proven infrared red heaters are more effective warming the skin, this means they will require less electricity to run (more effective on a lower setting). Halogen heaters use a halogen light bulb (so will require a bulb change at some point) which means they are brighter, the heat is more evenly dispersed and they are better at heating over larger distances. Another advantage of a halogen heater is that they are certainly more comfortable if you have to sit close to one!

If you have any questions or are considering a large order please call us on 0203 994 5470 or email us at sales@electricpoint.com.

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