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Dimplex Oil Free Radiators

Dimplex Oil Free Radiators

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The Dimplex ECR,  Cadiz Eco, OFRB and OFRC ranges of oil-free radiators, varying from 0.7kW to 3kW and offer the latest in innovative heating technology.


Oil free radiators provide a better solution than oil filled heaters for many reasons. Benefits include being environmentally friendly, lightweight for easy portability, efficient and also easy to depose at end of life. Portable heaters are great for when you need a quick or temporary heating solution and require very low annual maintenance.


Dimplex's ECR oil free, portable column radiator uses patented oil free technology to provide an energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution. These Dimplex oil free radiators feature superfast warm up times, large rotary controls and adjustable thermostat. Safety is paramount, so Dimplex have designed the radiators with tilt switches, making them ideal for domestic homes.


The Dimplex Cadiz Eco uses a unique and efficient feature of twin micathermic elements. This independently operates each side of the radiator allowing for heat to be directed towards the space you want to be heated, especially when placing a heater next to a wall where the heat is absorbed and energy wasted. The heaters are available in both variable thermostatic control and 24-hour programmable timer to enable daily heating needs to be programmed in advance and remote controlled electronic climate control, which enables the temperature to be set.


The OFRB and OFRC use variable thermostatic control with oil free technology that is environmentally friendly saving 25% energy and heats up a room 30% quicker than traditional oil filled radiators. Silent operation without creaks and squeaks on warm up.


If you need more information or have any questions or perhaps a large order call on 0203 994 5470 or email sales@electricpoint.com.

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