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Cooling Fans

Electricpoint offer a range of cooling products including desk fans, tower fans and air conditioning units.

Fans work by means of evaporative cooling. If you increasing the convection or airflow in a room this increases the rate of evaporation of sweat which will cool you down.


Electricpoint stocks a wide variety of cooling fans to help meet your requirements. Pehraps you are in the office sat at your desk feeling the sticky warm air, a desk fan could be the perfect solution, If you arent near a 13amp plug socket check out our USB operated fan, it will even double up in your car from your phone charger. A discreet option perhaps behind your desk is a tower fan.


For larger rooms please have a look at our floor or wall mounted fans, if they dont cut the mustard we now carry the unobtrusive ceiling mounted fans or to really turn the air have a look at our power fans, ideal for a warehouse.


If you dont feel evaporative cooling is the solution, try treating the air with one of our air conditioners. The heat is pulled from the air by blowing it over cold pipes called an evaporative coil.


If you have any questions or perhaps a bulk enquiry, drop us an email sales@electricpoint.com or give us a call 0208 342 7020