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Evaporative Air Coolers (1 results)

An air cooler or evaporative cooler is the environmentally friendly version of air conditioning. Not only do they use a fraction of the power of air conditioning, but they don't contain the chemical refrigerants used in air con, as water is used to cool the air.


Evaporating cooling techniques are used to produce the cool air, hence earning the name evaporative cooler. By simply adding water to the hot air it brings the temperature down, while a fan is used to send the water through the absorptive pads and then blows it out to the room.


A cooler uses less energy as it only has two major components which need powering; a water pump and a fan. It also needs a constant supply of water; between 3-10 gallons of water in order to keep the pads wet.


Coolers work best in places with dry heat like the UK. In places where humidity is high, coolers are ineffective and do not cool the air properly. They should also be used with an open window, as if it continues to circulate the same air the humidity in the room will increase. However, they can also be used outside where temperature is high but humidity is low.


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